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Feb 14th - Inflammation addressed - Arthritis, Healthy Aging

May 5 - Harmonious Hormones - Using Yoga Practices to quiet the mind, ease hormonal jaggedness, night sweats and more.

TBA - Immune Support - Staying grounded and balanced during Fall and Winter is key to staving off colds, flu and general malaise from less sunlight.

TBA - Dynamic Digestion - Learning how to work with our digestive system through specific breathing exercises that warm rather than cool which can cause flatulence; warming movements and Ayurveda digestives. 

$85 (lunch included)

Other discounts for Yoga Light graduates available.

Go to http://myyogatherapist.com/workshops

Held at Awakening Point Yoga in Hackettstown, New Jersey

To Register call Mary at 937-670-7421


Study ONLINE with Paula Tepedino

You don't have to want to teach yoga. 

You can be a mom, a dad, just someone interested in getting healthier.

Or maybe you are a perennial student, thirsty for more knowledge and education.

My 100 hour yoga course is all done ONLINE. You can study in the comfort of your home or office and go at your own pace and start when you want.

    Take the 100 hr. online portion as continued education with completion diploma - $470


After you complete studies in one lesson, you can consult with Paula for up to 40 minutes



  • Basics of Therapeutic Yoga; History/Lineage/Types of Yoga
  • Using Heart-Centered Yoga techniques for individual ailments
  • 8-Limb Philosophy; Spiritual Lifestyle; Yoga Sutras Studies
  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Five Illness Models highlighting 10 common ailments
  • Self-Care for the Teacher/Giver; Journalling, Creative Outlets, Healthy Diet
  • Introduction to Basics of Ayurveda: Meaning, Use of, Doshas, Koshas
  • Ayurveda: Ghee making, spice grinding, meal preparation for your Doshas
  • Breathing & Vayus for various ailments
  • Concentration using Mudra Meditations
  • Seven Chakra Energy System
  • Relaxation & Bliss Techniques: Guiding Relaxation & Yoga Nidra
  • How to: Lesson/Session Planning, Conducting Intakes


Optional 1 day at a local yoga studio to review and instruct/practice.

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Paula M Tepedino is a Certified International Association of Yoga Therapy Yoga Therapist. She has over 40 years of yoga experience and over 10,000 hours of yoga and ayurveda training hours.



Healthy, easy-to-use stretching guide for anyone to use as a warming up or cooling down or as a 1-hour yoga routine.

Please email me to receive a copy.

Anytime anywhere yoga warmups for Anybody

by Paula Tepedino & Dr. Barb Basile



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"I really enjoyed the deeper dive in this course as compared to my foundational 200 hr. training. Exploring the WHOLE being prospective and working collectively with students one on one to bring healing, restoration and balance back into their lives is such a gift. Learning and building the toolbox necessary to successfully meet the needs of our clients and students. Paula’s knowledge and style of sharing the ancient practices and teachings has been life changing for me. I’m forever grateful for Paula’s warm heart, Goddess spirit, and words of encouragement!

I enjoyed the presentations of the guest speakers and the variety of related activities throughout the program to reinforce the teachings. clients. I’m more confident about charging appropriately for my services." 

- Liz S., 300 Hour Yoga Therapy, 2017

"Your heart is probably one of the 'biggest' I know -- you have impacted me in so many ways - thank you for that, I am a much different person than I would have been had I not met you on this path. Have a sweet, and heartfelt Christmas, I know you will." -

Linda Sheftel, Studio Owner, YTT 2008

"Thank you very much for this weekend's training session, when I look back I can't believe how much was covered and accomplished.  The quiet practice, yoga nidra, the guest speaker... all in such a beautiful atmosphere in such a supportive environment - it touched my soul.  Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, it does not go unnoticed and it is so appreciated.  When I got home yesterday, I was resting and remembering the 3 days at Genesis Farms, and how thankful I am to have been so blessed to have somehow ended up doing teacher training at the Breathing Room with you and Cheryl - what an amazing journey it's been, I almost don't even recognize the person I was 4 years ago. Thank you too for providing such a holistic and safe environment that is so conducive to learning, and for being so open in sharing your experiences and so available to all your students.
Teaching is so fulfilling and energizing for me and getting certified to teach so great for me personally, but the changes that training has had and continues to have on me have been so profound in helping me to reconnect with my "natural self" - I am eternally grateful."  
Hugs and much love, Kim - 300 Hr Yoga Therapy May, 2017

"I have appreciated the guidance from Paula in my life. She has been an inspiration as my yoga teacher and friend. Paula lives her life as a celebration. And for those of us who have spent time with her, she reminds us about the sacred in everything. I will always be grateful for what she has taught me." - Beth Wernham, LCSW, RYT, 2012

"Thank you for all your guidance this past year. I have been thinking alot about you and am not sure how to thank you for all that you have done. Your guidance and ability to share in a way that is so inclusive has been amazing . Thank you for opening up yourself to us and creating a life balance for all of us." - Bern M, 2008

"I loved how the course covered the 8 limbs of yoga, the chakras, chanting and bits of ayurvedic medicine. Each month so intricately laid out. So much time and effort put into arranging the materials to create a flow. There was always room for change or adding more on a subject if the students felt the need or want to do that….The course created a place for me to do my inner spiritual work. Paula and Cheryl’s guidance served as a reliable source of feedback and support as I asked personal and emotional questions about my life and my spirituality. I was able to write about anything and never felt embarrassed or unimportant. They reminded me what a true teacher is….Paula is a true spiritual guide who is here to serve those who join her path. She is nonjudgmental and reflects to you your beautiful nature. Cheryl is peace. She listened from her heart. She also has a genuine way of pulling the best out of you!" - I.A.

Continuing Yoga Therapy Education 

Four Sundays starting 9/16/18 at
Awakening Point in Hackettstown NJ.


Call Mary at 973-670-7421 to register