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Posted on May 22, 2018 at 3:45 PM

These days, it's sometimes hard to hear or see 'good news'. News that is positive. News that isn't slanted or biased in anyway. And if there is positive news on regular media TV it usually is deemed a small slot either before the nightly news ends or begins.

Our world needs more coverage on those that uphold Empathy. 

What is Empathy? Empathy is understanding not just from the 'head' level - from the heart level most of all. Understanding and feeling what another is going through or experiencing. It's about forgetting about your own 'story' and holding space for someone to express their feelings whether happy or sad about a situation. One becomes a 'witness' of sorts when one is being empathetic. You witness what someone is experiencing/saying/feeling and give them an opportunity to express that (as long as it is feeling safe and comfortable for you, that is).

The world needs more empathy and it is something that may have to be learned and practiced rather than an inborn skill.

It makes our personal world become more accepting as to the suffering or pain or even joy of another even though in that moment we are perfectly okay. Most of all as an empathetic person, you keep yourself and don't lose yourself in another's feelings so that you feel burdened in any way. It's about being there but not being taken over (energetically) and overwhelmed.

If more of us were taught the proper ways to handle being in Empathy, there would be more of it being practiced.

Practice empathy with your partner. Uphold Balance and stay the course.

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